Today’s students are much advanced and well aware of the world outside their campus. They are much more inquisitive and interactive. Thus, they need a sound platform to gather information, to disseminate or exchange their ideas and to stride in their career paths.
Considering their needs Electrical India has created the students’ corner.

  • To satisfy their quest for information and the deliberate effort to make sound career, we will be getting an export panel in our FAQ section.

  • As students often have several questions regarding different institutions and organisations, they can have specific replies to those from our Experts’ Opinion section.

  • University List is the area where students can get information on various universities and the courses that they offer with many other relevant items of information.

  • Young professionals i.e., students can submit their research works or theses in the Article/Thesis section. This will not only give them a good exposure to the industry but also will fetch a sense of satisfaction that is a very rare achievement.

  • Internship Opportunities is the area where final year students or just passed-outs can taste the flavour of the industry. They may work with us as interns or they may join some industry of their preferred stream through us.

This section would focus on various career-related questions from students. Electrical India has launched a section for students where we are planning to put such Questions & Answers. If you have any such commonly asked questions you could send it to us and we are making a team of experts who would reply to you. These inputs will help a large number of students, who are seeking guidance to pursue their career.

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We have started a Students’ Corner in which students will be putting their questions. And we will be having a team of professors, who have vast experience in the field of Electrical Engineering to give their valuable guidance in the form of replies to the questions. This move will help a good number of students who are seeking guidance to build their career in the field of Electrical Engineering.

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We are working on the Engineering Colleges all over India (to start with) so that we can give u an at a glance important information pertaining to the institute of your choice and area.

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With the rise in the standard of Indian Technical Education, today the students of the final year of engineering are doing many projects at global standard. We have already created a section called Students’ Corner to provide a platform to such project reports, students can use this platform to send some of the best project reports in forms of articles, which we shall upload on the website as well as publish in the print media with the credits to all related fraternity.

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Electrical India has started this section especially for students. We have decided to give opportunity to work as an in our magazine in the editorial department?

  • Yes, now you can hone your career in B2B journalism through completing an internship in your favourite magazine. For further information please contact

  • You can also grab an opportunity in an engineering company as an intern through our website. Just fill up the form on the site. Once we get the feedback we shall update you on your email id.

    College Name:
    Subjects studied:
    Grades secured:
    Principals Recommendation letter:
    Internship seeking in which steam:
    Mail these details to and we shall post it on our site.

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