• Electrical India
  • Jan 4, 2016

 Pressure sensors and switches nowadays find use in all segments of the industrial world. They come in a wide range of fittings, packaging materials, pressure ratings and electrical inputs or outputs. However, while buying them, different industries attach priorities on different aspects. Following 6 aspects are generally given priority:

Accuracy – For process pressure transmitters, this criterion is most identified by users in the biotech/pharmaceutical, electric power, food/beverage and water/wastewater market segments. Among the users of non-process pressure transmitters, accuracy is most identified by users for automotive vehicles and military/aerospace applications.

Reliability – For process pressure transmitters, reliability is identified by the most users for water/wastewater applications. Among the non-process transducer/transmitter users the highest share identifying this criteria is among those with military/aerospace applications. 

Durability/ruggedness – For the process transmitters, the largest share of users identifying this criterion are in the pulp/paper industry. The largest share for nonprocess transducers and transmitters is among users with automotive vehicle applications.

Repeatability – This was most identified as a criterion among the process transmitter users for applications in the pulp/paper industry. It is cited the most among nonprocess pressure transducer & transmitter users for automotive vehicle applications. 

Temperature stability – Among the non-process pressure transducer and transmitter users, temperature stability is cited the most by those with automotive vehicle and military/aerospace applications.

Ease of calibration and ranging – Again for process transmitters, this is identified the most by users with pulp/paper industry applications.