• Electrical India
  • Aug 6, 2018

Sergi Transformer Protector

A proven solution to prevent transformer explosion and fire.

 The transformer protector is designed to prevent transformers from exploding, subsequently:

  • Eliminates costly plant outages, often reaching several tens of millions, USD.
  • Prevents fire damage to the transformer and surrounding equipment.
  • Inhibits environmental pollution by containing hazardous oils, avoiding significant fines.
  • Eliminates risk to human life, more than 150 people killed and 250 injured in 2010 alone.

Sergi Transformer Protector

  • Complies with the Fast Depressurisation System recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 850 for all transformers.
  • Successfully saved all transformers involved in the 62 live tests performed in two different independent high-voltage laboratories.
  • 20 successful activations saving customers assets, always preventing transformer explosion and fire, saving USD hundred millions.
  • The transformer protector is covered by a USD 20 million lifetime liability insurance, which has never been used after more than 10 years of operation.
  • Solution chosen by over 200 customers across 75 different countries, protecting more than 200 different transformer manufacturers.

  The transformer protector is activated within 0.5 to 20 milliseconds, depending on arc location and transformer size, by the first dynamic pressure peak of the shock wave, avoiding transformer explosions before static pressure increases.

  Despite investment in transformer design, monitoring system, maintenance, etc. transformers continue exploding:

  • A recent one-year research study led to the discovery of 730 transformer explosions in the US alone.
  • Many experts anticipate that the number of failures per year will increase significantly in the near future due to their shorter lifespan.

For more details, visit www.sergi-india.com