• Electrical India
  • Jul 23, 2018

Usage of Quality Analysers for permanent PQ Monitoring and Reporting

In recent times Power Quality (PQ) monitoring has become a necessity for most in progress oriented utility companies. 

 In recent times Power Quality (PQ) monitoring has become a necessity for most in progress oriented utility companies. After deregulation of energy sector, suppliers of electric energy are mostly private companies where shareholders require profit. This can lead to fewer investments into infrastructure which influences quality of supply. Therefore regulator requires reporting about PQ from utility companies to supervise overall situation regarding PQ. On the other hand utility companies are interested in receiving electric energy of proper quality as defined in contract with bidder.

For the purpose of formal PQ monitoring and reporting as is required by a regulator the following is needed:

1. PQ analysers that are capable of measuring PQ parameters with certified Class A accuracy and that are capable of performing analysis according to standard EN 50160. Features like transient and waveform recorder are useful, but not required by a regulator

2. System solution for wide area PQ monitoring that collects standardized weekly PQ reports and detailed data about anomalies with precise time stamps

3. Possibility to automatically send proper annual PQ reports to regulator and to collect and present PQ reports and anomalies of required date and time to customers when/if needed

  A system solution suggested by company ISKRA incorporates PQ analyser MC774 and MC784 which is certified class A analyser and an advanced web based software MiSMART, which automatically collects PQ reports, anomalies and other measurements of interest from all analysers connected into system.

  Such system is already used by several utility companies, and since it is not a standalone application, it can be easily modified to suit customers’ demands without need to reinstall application or to stop normal operation.