• Electrical India
  • Feb 5, 2018

Chandmal Goliya, Director, Kusam Electrical Industries 

Kusam Meco will strive to introduce more & more products with the emphasis on high quality so as to make ‘Make in India’ program a success informs Chandmal Goliya, Director, Kusam Electrical Industries in an interaction with Electrical India…

Please tell us about the journey of Kusam-Meco.

Kusam-Meco has its roots since 1943, when the founder, late Parasmal Goliya started an enterprise under the Style ‘American Trading Company’ in Bombay. From there, after a long journey of dealing with various Electrical & Electronic products from Europe & Japan, Kusam Electrical Industries Limited was established in the year 1983. Kusam Electrical Industries Limited introduced digital multi-meters & clamp-meters for the first time in India in 1986. Thereafter, more & more products have been added in our range. Today, we have more than 250 products in the range & are one of the biggest players in the Test & Measuring industry in India.

What transformations have you witnessed in Electronic Test & Measuring instruments market in last decade?

The Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments have undergone a lot of changes. Due to the availability of improved quality of components ICs, Micro Processors, PCBs, the overall quality of the instruments has improved tremendously. We offer highest safety ‘UL’ listed Digital Multi-meters & Clamp-meters having surge protection ranging from 6KV to 12KV. Besides, we also offer a large range of Digital High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester, Earth Resistance Tester, a full range of sturdy & rugged environmental instruments, Intrinsically safe Multi-meters, Battery Capacity Tester, Explosion Proof Gas Detectors, etc. The market has also transformed from low cost products to high value, high quality products.

What are the products offered by the company and in particular catering to Indian Energy market? What are the growth drivers for your products? What are your major customers in India?

Kusam Meco offers a very vast range of products including intrinsically safe Digital Multimeters, Battery capacitor Tester, High Safety ‘UL’ Approved Digital Multimeters, Professional Grade Digital Multimeters, Basic Digital Multimeters, LCR Meters, High safety ‘UL’ Approved Digital Clampmeters, Professional & Industrial Grade Digital Clampmeters, Insulation Resistance Testers, Earth Resistance Testers, High Voltage Measuring Instruments, Test & Measuring Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Environmental Testing Instruments, Waterproof Pen Testers, Cable Fault Pre-Locator, Portable Thermal Imaging Camera, Power Measurement Clampmeters, Power measurement & control instruments, Power transducers (Accuracy Class 0.2% / 0.5%, Signal transmitters, Programmable Digital Panel Meter, Calibrators, Gas Detectors which are used for the Indian energy market. The high quality of our products combined with very good after sales service & a reasonable price which gives value for money to the customers, pushes for the growth of our products. Our major customers in India include Steel Plants, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemical establishments, Cement plants, Railways, Engineering Intuitions, R&D centers, Communications, Mines, Electrical & Electronic manufacturing industry, Testing & Calibration Laboratories & all types of manufacturing industries.

How would you envisage the growth with particular emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability in global energy markets?

Due to the depleting natural fuel resources in the world, more & more emphasis is being given for non-conventional energy generation such as Hydro, Solar & Wind energy. These plants do not require natural fuels & at the same time provide clean energy. Since, these resources are available freely, the global energy market will be sustained by energy generated by these methods.

How would you differentiate Electronic test & measuring instruments in India from the global markets particularly European & American markets while offering your services and products? Do you face any competition in Indian Markets?

After World War II, the European Countries which were defeated had to fight back for their revival & survival. The emphasis was not to waste energy & resources for poor quality products.

As a result, the European Countries demand only high quality products so that it will last them for a long time. Even the products which they manufacture themselves also have the inherent good & sustainable quality. In the USA, due to the policy of use & throw, they do not emphasize on quality very much, particularly for the Test & Measuring Instruments. As such, the low quality Chinese goods have flooded the American Market. Compared to the USA markets, there is no such a policy of use & throw in Indian scenario. As such, the quality has to be good, otherwise there are many issues related to after sale service & customers threaten to complain in the Consumer Courts.

The low cost products are sold without any warranty & the buyers run the risk associated with them. We do not face much competition on the quality front, because our products compare very well with the best in the world, but we do face competition in the Indian Market due to low price Chinese products.

What are your expansion plans in India with the Government’s “Make in India” program?

Kusam Meco will strive to introduce more & more products with the emphasis on high quality so as to make ‘Make in India’ program a success. With the Government’s focus on the development of infrastructure and smart cities and also by increasing the budget for the defence & railway sector, we see a huge potential for our products.

What is your outlook for 2017-18 fiscal?

For the fiscal year 2017-18, we expect a growth of at least 25% - 30% for our products.