• Electrical India
  • Feb 5, 2018

Anil Uppal, Managing Director cum CEO, KVTEK Power Systems Pvt Ltd

KVTEK designs and manufacture the most technically advanced and easy to use products for High Voltage, High Current and High Power test systems and measurement instruments. The company aims to provide the best quality products at most competitive prices. Anil Uppal, Managing Director cum CEO, KVTEK Power Systems Pvt Ltd takes readers through various contours of electrical testing & measurement industry in an interaction with Electrical India…

How is the focus changing in India as far as electrical testing and measurements concerned?

There is definite shift in the awareness about the need of quality electrical test and measuring equipment, thanks to the insistence by major utilities in the country and also the awareness drive created by NABL. However, still the major challenge lies in this arena is the complete lack of infrastructure to support electrical test & measuring instruments industry. Basic things like majority of components, raw material etc. required by test equipment industry still needs to be imported and not enough support structure in terms of calibration facilities available in India. World over this industry is supported by the research work that goes in an technical universities but for some reason there is a complete disconnect between universities and industry.

The other major reason that why this industry is not growing rapidly in India is due to our infatuation to all imported products in general. The basic assumption that anything that is coming from Europe or US is superior and everything that is manufactured in India is not up to the mark is hurting this industry. There have been cases wherein we have been invited by the companies for demonstration of certain test instruments and even after successful demonstration has not been bought by them just because it does not have any foreign sticker on it. This mind set is slowly changing but still has a long way to go.

What are the products offered by the company?

KVTEK’s area of operation is mainly focused on High Voltage Testing and the range of products manufactured by us includes:

Impulse Voltage Test Systems, Impulse Current Test Systems, HV AC Series Resonant Test Sets, HV AC Dielectric Test Sets, HV PD Test Equipment, RF Shielded Rooms/Enclosures, Capacitance & Tan Delta Test Sets, Transformer Loss Measuring Systems, Ratio & Phase Angle Error Measuring Equipment required for CT/PT & CVT Testing, AC/DC Kilovoltmeters, On-line Transformer Moisture Absorption Systems and their associated accessories.

We have in last couple of years started manufacturing Static Frequency Converters as well which are slowly replacing Motor Generators Test Sets required for transformer testing. This in due course of time will change the way transformers are currently tested and will significantly improve the testing throughput of transformers as this eliminates the need of changing connections between the two MG Sets required for complete transformer testing. Besides we also undertake the responsibility of setting up the test labs on turnkey basis or provide consultancy for setting up HV Test Labs.

What is your observation on the demand of the latest technologies in India?

Demand for latest technologies in India is definitely improving; slowly but surely it is increasing. Most companies do evaluate both options i.e. latest technologies & old style testing equipment but some actually opt for the latest technologies. However, the percentage of such companies is small right now and it is definitely increasing. Mostly the reason for not opting the latest technologies is the cost difference between the two and in some cases it is actually the lack of awareness. However, what companies do need to realize that new technologies may be little expensive initially but in the long run will actually work out to be more cost effective due to reduced testing time with increased automation and low downtime as most issues can be resolved online itself.

How big is your market share / wide is your presence in the Indian power sector?

We are a very young company and the only one in the field of manufacturing HV Test Equipment in India. Traditionally, this market was stronghold of the manufacturers from Europe and US. But their share became very small with emergence of Chinese companies in and around 2005. However, with increasing quality issues and lack of service support from the Chinese companies, our share in this industry is steadily increasing and right now we are doing pretty good in terms of volume of business.

What are the new types of equipment that you are planning to bring to India?

Static Frequency Converter is the latest equipment that we have introduced in this market and once this gets established properly only then we will be launching the next product. Although there are two new equipment, we are already working on but I think it is little premature to announce it and will do so in due course of time.

What kind of competition do you face in the Indian market?

Main competition is from Chinese companies only as we do not have any other manufacturer in India. But of late, we are experiencing that from Europe as well some have started offering very low quality products with pricing matching with their Chinese counterparts. We firmly believe that these are not the companies that will last long as their intent is not to supply quality products but to make quick buck and move on. However, the worry is that in India, industry in general has blind trust on all companies with European tag on it so the risk of they making the wrong choice is quite high.

What are the impacts (on your business) of the new government’s plan to speed up electrification in the country?

Our business is a capital equipment business and is likely to improve only with increased electrification in the country. Higher electrification means more investment in manufacturing power equipment industry that means more investment in test labs. Additionally of late, there is significant increase in third party test labs as well which is helping our business in a big way.

What technological innovations would you incorporate in your products for making them more superior and efficient?

We have a dedicated research and development team who are regularly working on improving the quality of products manufactured by us. Besides quality, the focus is always on improving automation levels based on customer feedback so that testing throughputs can be improved significantly. Static Frequency Converter is exactly such product that will immensely help transformer industry in reducing the time required for testing transformers.

What would you like to communicate to your potential customers?

The fact that they should trust more on test equipment manufacturers in India. Just having a tag that product is manufactured in Europe or US does not make it superior product. I am not suggesting that they should go with products manufactured in India blindly but all we are expecting is an open mind and fair chance of proving ourselves. As buyer they should carefully examine the merits and demerits of the product offered before taking the final call without bothering where the product is manufactured. Also they need to take into account the fact that only an Indian manufacturer can provide them an effective after sale service. All foreign equipment suppliers have very poor track record of providing effective after sale service thus, leading to very long downtimes and very high service costs.