• Electrical India
  • Mar 17, 2018


 STELPRO, a well known Canadian manufacturer of integrated heating solutions, extends its commitment to smart home automation by launching MAESTRO, the smart thermostat compatible with zoned electrical equipment. Simple and intuitive, MAESTRO is designed to fit the lifestyle of consumers, thanks to a variety of custom features such as geo-fencing, anticipated start, personalised activities and grouping of rooms into zones. In addition to easily managed and personalised home heating, MAESTRO allows consumers to significantly reduce energy costs and save on their electricity bill.

  Orchestrating comfort at home, MAESTRO controls the thermostats of the house that are connected and compatible with all electric heaters, such as baseboards, convectors and fan heaters. The smart thermostat gives households full control over their comfort according to their lifestyle, allowing to adjust the temperature of each room depending on their activity for a given period of time. With its unique geo-fencing feature, MAESTRO detects when an occupant arrives or leaves the home within two kilometers and adjusts the temperature accordingly, maximising energy consumption.

Website: stelpro.com