• Electrical India
  • Feb 26, 2018

Shurtape introduces new line of Electrical Tapes

 Shurtape Technologies, one of the leading producers of pressure-sensitive tapes, is expanding its building and construction portfolio with a new line of electrical tapes engineered for quality and performance in a range of electrical and mechanical applications, including for primary insulation, as a jacketing or for phasing.

  Shurtape EV and LR Series electrical tapes deliver:

  • Easy Handling: highly conformable to securely wrap wires and cables
  • Superior Stretch: excellent elongation capabilities that allow you to pull the tape tightly without breaking
  • Durability: built tough to maintain the integrity of the splice, no matter the situation
  • All-Weather Performance: can be used in a wide range of weather and temperature conditions, especially the cold

  The line includes:

  • EV 57: General purpose grade, 7.0 mil vinyl insulation tapes – available in black and colours
  • EV 77: Professional grade, all-weather, 7.0 mil vinyl insulation tapes – available in black and colours
  • EV 97: Premium grade, all-weather, 8.5 mil vinyl insulation tape – available in black
  • LR 117: 30 mil, all-weather linerless rubber tape

Website: www.shurtape.com