• Electrical India
  • Feb 5, 2018

Add CAN bus output and explosion proof certificate to Temposonics T series sensor

 MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation, revealed that it has added CAN bus output to the Temposonics T series. This sensor complies with NEC standards 500, 505 and 506 in addition to CEC, ATEX, IECEx. More importantly, we obtained an explosion-proof certificate applicable to the markets of Japan and Russia.

  With the addition of output, it became possible to greatly expand the function of this sensor. With the CAN bus output added this time, digital information can be accurately transferred up to 2 μm besides position information. This means that you can observe the status information during operation and, in case of failure, a comprehensive diagnostic function can be done. 

  T series magnetostrictive linear displacement sensors were developed for use in hazardous work environments such as exposure to flames and corrosive substances. Demand for sensor solutions that meet explosion protection and functional safety requirements is growing by power generation, engineers in the oil and chemical industry, and others. This sensor has acquired ATEX and IECEx certification and is certified based on NEC and CEC. It is therefore possible to apply to the safety-relevant areas of Class I, II, III Division 1, 2 Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G and Zones 0/1, 21 and 22. Explosion-proof certificates to be applied to the market of Japan in T series (which is certified as CML, which is equivalent to TIIS as overseas certificate) and Russia (EAC Ex) have been added to the T series, and dangerous applications in these areas And in areas as well. 

  MTS sensor's unique Temposonics magnetostrictive technology provides highly accurate non-contact position measurement suitable for use in demanding applications. Our sensor based on this technology has high durability against vibration, impact, pressure and does not depend on the moving parts of the machine, so the product life is long and maintenance is unnecessary. Furthermore, it can be installed in a space constrained environment.

Website: www.mtssensor.co.jp