• Electrical India
  • Jan 20, 2018

CyberPower debuts New Medical-Grade UPS Products

 Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc. has launched its new Medical-Grade uninterruptible power supply (UPS) product line, offering power protection tested for use in the UL-defined (UL 60601‑1) Patient Care Vicinity.

  The new CyberPower Medical-Grade UPS systems are designed to provide clean and consistent power for electronic medical diagnostic, treatment and monitoring equipment, as well as healthcare computer and IT systems. The products protect against damage from power line surges and spikes and provide the appropriate voltage to equipment even when power line voltage drops during brown-outs. Most significantly, when power fails, the UPS systems continue to provide power to equipment, allowing time for a backup generator to come online or sufficient time for a graceful shutdown.

  Three models with line-interactive topology are available: the M550L (550 VA, 440 Watts), the M750L (750 VA, 600 Watts) and the M1100XL (1,100 VA, 880 Watts).

  Line-Interactive Topology includes automatic voltage regulation. When power line voltages vary between brown-out lows of,  as little as 88 volts, and over-voltages, as high as 150 volts, a line-interactive UPS continues to provide 120 VAC without switching into battery-powered backup mode.

Website: www.cyberpowersystems.com