• Electrical India
  • Dec 18, 2017

Dynapower deploys First DPS-250 DC-to-DC Converters

 Dynapower Company, a well known company in energy storage inverters and converters, revealed the first deployments of its patent-pending, UL-listed DPS-250 DC Converters in utility-scale solar plus storage projects in the Southeastern United States. The deployment of the DC Converters at three project sites are with two of the nation’s largest independent power producers.

  Dynapower’s DPS line of patent-pending DC converters includes a bi-directional, UL-listed 250kW converter that can be paralleled to larger configurations to meet the need of utility-scale installations. A 375kW converter with the same capabilities as the 250kW is available as well. Dynapower’s DC converters are designed to be the most cost-effective option for coupling utility-scale solar and energy storage for both existing and new installations.

Website: www.dynapower.com