• Electrical India
  • Oct 30, 2017

Fluke T6 Electrical Testers honoured in AHR 2018 Innovation Awards

 The new Fluke T6 Electrical Testers have taken top honours in the Tools and Instruments category of the AHR 2018 Innovation Awards. The winners were selected by a panel of third-party ASHRAE member judges who evaluated all award entries based on innovative design, creativity, application, value, and market impact.

  The new Fluke T6 Electrical Testers make troubleshooting safer and more efficient by allowing electricians to take simultaneous voltage and current measurements — not just detection — without test leads.

  The T6 Testers are the first test tools to use FieldSense Technology, which — for the first time — eliminates the need to make contact with electrical conductors with test leads or alligator clips, significantly reducing the potential for arc flash while saving time and minimizing potential errors.

  FieldSense Technology uses an open-fork voltage sensing technology, which involves transducing and calculating a known signal to derive measurements for the source voltage. This is done by designing the device to generate a reference signal of known amplitude and frequency. Then, when grounded, the resulting composite waveform is detected by an electronic sensor built into the tester. After amplification, processing, and digital calculations, voltage and frequency measurements are derived.