• Electrical India
  • Oct 17, 2017

Eaton launches new Switchgear Monitoring and Management Platform

Power management company Eaton has introduced a new remote management platform for low- and medium-voltage switchgear assemblies. The Power Xpert Dashboard helps enhance personnel safety by enabling operators to aggregate and analyse device data from outside the arc flash boundary, and decreases the risk of downtime through real-time visual intelligence that can simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.
Eaton’s Power Xpert Dashboard allows users to monitor, diagnose and control switchgear devices from a safe location outside the arc flash boundary. A multi-touch interface provides intuitive access to elevation views and one-line diagrams of switchgear line-ups. This helps to decrease the amount of time spent configuring, troubleshooting and making costly repairs to distribution equipment.

          Power Xpert Dashboard can also remotely aggregate device data from equipment including electronic meters and trip units, relays, and diagnostic sensors. A wide range of protection and control features such as power quality monitoring, transfer scheme control and arc flash incident energy level display are available to help maintain electrical system reliability and safety.

        To support preventative maintenance programs and decrease the time required to troubleshoot and repair electrical system problems, users can configure the dashboard for real-time remote notification. On-board documentation is also integrated into the platform to provide rapid access to reference materials including instruction books, drawings and coordination studies.

Website: http://www.eaton.com