• Electrical India
  • Aug 19, 2017

Keyssa reveals KSS104M and KSS104M-CW Delivering High Speed with Incredibly Small Footprint and Power

 Keyssa, a well known player in high-speed, contactless connectivity, revealed its next-generation component connector product, the KSS104M, delivered in an ultra-compact 3 x 3mm footprint and featuring improved electrical and mechanical allowances for ease of design in, drastic reduction in power, and support for many industry standard high-speed protocols. Keyssa will also be releasing the KSS104M-CW (Connected World), a ready-to-use contactless connectivity module that includes all the system-critical electromagnetic and mechanical requirements to implement the KSS104M in mobile and other system products.

  The KSS104M is the latest in the line of Keyssa’s Kiss Connectivity solutions, which are tiny, low-cost, low-power, solid-state electromagnetic connectors that enable large amounts of data to be securely transferred between devices at very high speeds.  As with prior generations, the KSS104M can be easily integrated into customers’ end products without requiring any changes to their software or firmware, by supporting several industry standard high-speed data and video protocols. The KSS104-CW, an electromagnetic module system based on the KSS104M, addresses power delivery, mechanical attach mechanisms, electromagnetic channel design including, waveguides case properties (including colours and finish) and materials requirements. This module can be used across multiple application spaces enabling faster time-to-market utilising highly-reliable contactless connectors.

The KSS104M-CW represents commercialisation of Keyssa’s vision to free the mobile phone from annoying cables, eliminate unreliable mechanical connectors and the interference they create, provide data throughput that far exceeds what is available on wireless networks, and ultimately unleash industrial design innovation previously blocked by traditional connectors.

  Beyond the technical improvements of the KSS104 product line, the KSS104M key features include:

◦ 3 x 3mm package with integrated antennae

◦ Support for multiple high-speed video and data protocols including USB 2.0

◦ Operates at speeds up to 6Gbps

◦ Very low system BOM (bill of materials)

◦ High reliability and high customer system yields

Website: http://www.keyssa.com