• Electrical India
  • Aug 14, 2017

IXYS introduces a New Class of Input Rectifiers with Superior Commutation Ruggedness 

 IXYS Corporation, a leader in power semiconductor and IC technologies for energy efficient products used in power conversion and motor control applications, revealed the expansion of its portfolio with a new Input Rectifier technology that combines high electrical performance and high dynamic ruggedness. High performance rectifiers, above the 1000V range, utilising highly reliable planar proprietary technology have been core to IXYS’ worldwide leadership in bipolar power products.  

  Recent trends in the power electronics industry lead to cost optimisation by reducing input filters or capacitor banks, thereby create more dynamic stress on the input rectifiers of such products. Often it is the input rectifiers that take the brunt of such excessive stress during current commutation. For these reasons, the commutation robustness and the power surge capability for overvoltage spikes have become a dominant benchmark factor for the selection of suitable power rectifiers for the input rectification.

  IXYS now offers a new range of standard rectifier diodes with extremely high ruggedness to resist single dynamic events as well as continuous stress. One of the first products is the DMA50P1600HB, a diode phase-leg in a TO-247 package, with a reverse voltage of 1600V and a current rating of 50 Amps. Compared to the predecessor DSP45, the new input rectifier diode has a reduced forward voltage drop, better thermal conductivity and increased current surge capability by over 20%. This unique performance advantage is demonstrated during the commutation conditions in the input sections of AC line powered products.

Website: http://www.ixys.com/