• Electrical India
  • Aug 5, 2017

MYSUN launches India’s most advanced and easy to use Rooftop Solar Calculator

 Buoyed by the overwhelming success of the MYSUN Solar Calculator, which has been used by more than 200,000 energy consumers across India in less than 9 months since its launch, MYSUN, the innovative technology backed solar rooftop platform recently revealed the launch of an advanced version of the tool. Called the ‘MYSUN Advanced Rooftop Solar Calculator, the solar system sizing and savings calculator allows users to estimate an accurate solar system size, costing estimates, financial returns, impact of subsidies and offers a simulation of different financing options tailor made for each and every individual user. The best part is that running the Advanced Calculator is just as easy as the Basic Calculator and requires just the three basic inputs: your location, electricity bill amount and the consumer category.

  Recognising the requirement of builders and homeowners who are constructing a new house or a new building, the company has also launched a separate calculator, specifically designed to cater to their needs. This would allow consumers/ builders/ real estate companies to not just design their buildings solar ready, it would also allow them to estimate their energy savings while the construction is being planned so that they can go solar from Day 1. MYSUN believes that with free tools such as the MYSUN Solar Calculator for Under Construction Building and MYSUN Advanced Rooftop Solar Calculator, the consumers will be able to visualise and therefore maximise their energy savings through optimum use of solar systems. This would eventually help in the adoption of solar reducing the decision making time, propelling India to reach the set target of 100GW by 2022 faster. 

  The Advanced MYSUN Solar Calculator also has a Net Metering feature, which helps buyers to gauge as to how their savings and returns would be impacted when they opt for Net Metering and whether they should go for it or not. The tool also informs about the solar policies as well as the Net Metering policies across different states in the country.

  Through the calculator, consumers can also determine the impact of using a battery-backed solar system (off-grid solar or hybrid solar) versus a grid connected system and can decide which system type is more suitable for them. This usually depends on specific energy requirements, grid downtime and savings expectations. Commercial and industrial establishments can also test the impact of availing Accelerated Depreciation, if they wish to.

  In short, the MYSUN Advanced Solar Calculator is the most comprehensive tool for those who are serious about going with Rooftop Solar.