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  • Jul 1, 2017

Fuji Electric releases High Voltage Contactor 

 Fuji Electric, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President Michihiro Kitazawa releases a High Voltage Contactor capable of delivering the highest current overload capacity in the industry for more reliable vehicle operation.

Product Features

Unique contact structure greatly improves safety

When a vehicle breaks down or gets into an accident that results in a short circuit and overcurrent, magnetic forces (electromagnetic repulsion) cause the contact of the contactor to be lifted, which may generate a massive arc (discharge phenomenon) of several thousand or even several tens of thousands of amperes. Our High Voltage Contactor, however, features a unique contact structure that compensates electromagnetic repulsion-allowing it to deliver an industry-leading 20,000 amperes of withstand capability. The result is a contactor with significantly reduced risk of rupture and/or fire.

Sealed contact block for better safety and more compact design

Although an arc is generated when the circuit is interrupted (when contact points open), the structure of the High Voltage Contactor features sealed contact block that prevent sparks from the arc from shooting out of the device while also preventing dust contamination. They have also enclosed a gas that boosts breaking performance within the sealed contact block, making distance required for electrical interruption shorter than it would be with an air circuit breaker and allowing for the kind of compact design required in today’s automotive applications.

Makes circuit design customisation easier

Magnetic force from a permanent magnet installed in contactors lengthen arcs generated during breaking in order to extinguish them, but in the past, there was an issue with these devices having different breaking performance depending on the direction of the current (charging vs. discharging). They have been able to achieve equal breaking performance in both directions with design that improves permanent magnet configuration, for example. This brings flexible installation to battery charge/discharge circuits, which in turn allows for easier circuit design customisation.

Product Specifications

Website: www.fujielectric.com