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  • Jun 5, 2017

Energy Efficient LED Driver Concept

The purpose of making this project is to make a product that takes the usual decorations and safety to a different level. This is a project where the output responds immediately to the proximity of any object or person. There are two sides of the project one is decoration while other is safety. In decoration, an array of LEDs responds to proximity of any object. While in safety, there is an alarm that rings when an unauthorized person enters the restricted area. The project can be modified and made according to the requirement of the consumer and environment...

- Hardik V Rupareliya, Aniket M Goswami

 This is a project that is applicable in many places. The concept is of energy efficient lighting that responds to the proximity of any object. Lightning decorations are an inseparable part of our life now a day. Lightning decorations are done in weddings, hotels, clubs, gaming zone, multiplex etc. In early days lamps were used in decorations. Now-a-days, lamps are replaced by LEDs as they have much more advantages over lamps like they are energy efficient better illumination, attractive, long life etc. So the LED decorations can be taken to a next level.

  When any object comes in the proximity of the project led glows in that region and other all LEDs remain dark. When the object is moved, LEDs respond exactly with the object.

  An array of LEDs is connected with an IR sensor and same with all sensors. When any object comes in proximity of this sensor signal is given to the microcontroller and all the LEDs connected to the sensor glow. When the object is moved from the proximity of one sensor to the proximity of another sensor the lights travel accordingly, lights starts glowing along with the movement and the previous light gets dark.

  LED driver circuit makes sure that the LEDs glow with adequate intensity. The intensity of the light changes according to the distance between the object and sensor, nearer the object more is the light intensity and vice versa. The response of the LEDs is also quite fast.

Configuration Details

  This project takes some time to start because it configures the surrounding atmosphere and works accordingly. The circuit configures as described below:

• When the system is started, light intensity is measured for 50 times and an average is calculated.
• This light is then filtered using low pass filter. Here operational amplifier (op-amp) lm-358 used as low pass filter.
• Operational amplifier blocks the unwanted noise and other lights.
• Uln-2803 is used as current driver IC. LED driver I is used to regulate power to an LED or a string of LEDs.
• LED driver respond to changing needs of LED circuit by providing constant quantity of power change with temperature.

Reasons for Selecting LEDs

  Use of LEDs for decoration is increasing day by day. LEDs are energy efficient and also attractive. Use of LEDs can be manipulated as per the requirement. LEDs are much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers. LEDs are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage. LEDs are directional light sources, which mean they emit light in a specific direction, unlike incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, which emit light and heat in all directions.

Advantages of Using at Mega Microcontroller

  Atmega16 is all about high-speed prototyping and getting your project running is simplest and fastest way with the least possible part count. With Atmega16 you can get your project up and run in the least possible time with the minimum part count. Atmega16 has better RISC instruction set, most of them being single cycle execution thus faster code execution. Atmega16 has higher code memory and RAM as compare to 8051. Atmega16 is simple to program and supporting programming hardware is also easy to learn and use. 

Figure 1: Prototype model of the project

Block Diagram

  The supply circuit gives two different voltages. One is 5V to microcontroller and 12V to the LED array. The signal from the sensor is given to the microcontroller. According to the signal from sensor, micro controller gives command to the LED driver circuit to control the intensity of LED array.

Future Innovations

1. Security door mat

  This is a security system installed in the doormats of the house of office. This door mats have alarms installed in it. Place this doormat at the door, switch on the supply at night now when any person or animal will try to enter the house, alarm will be activated and the house owner will be alerted. This system cannot be detected because it is very unusual to install security system in doormat.

2. Interactive Jewelry Display

  This system is a very innovative idea of jewellery display. This is a structure in which the top surface is supported by four hollow tubes on the bottom surface. Sensors are installed in the bottom surface and high intensity LED lightings are installed on the top surface facing downwards. When any jewel is kept on the bottom surface it activates the light only on top of the jewel.

3. Interactive Table Tops With Wireless Supply

  There were many table top electronic projects in the past but most of them did not work out because of the difficulty in providing supply to the entire table. Here in this project we will be trying to provide wireless supply to all the table tops in this system. This table tops provide lights below the plates and glasses. This creates a beautiful scenario for dinner. This attracts more customers and the value of the restaurants will be increased.

4. Jewelry Theft Safety

  In recent times thefts are increased and a common one in all is jewelry theft. People just steal the jewels from the display by distracting the sales person. This system can stop this theft. This system rings alarm when any unauthorized person touches the jewel. It means that the sales person can touch the jewels but not an outsider.

  This system reads an RFID tag on the wristband of the sales person and stops the alarm. So a person without wristband cannot touch the jewels.

Figure 2: Block diagram of the project

Commercial Use of Project


  Now-a-days there is a considerable increase in the number of clubs in India. Clubs, Pubs, Discos are the places where innovative LED lights are used to maximum, this type of lights can be placed at the entrance, or tables etc as decorations. If we place this light in the entrance lobby the lights follow the guest and this looks marvelous and if we place these lights on the bar counter people can spend time seeing the lights and waiter get the time to serve the drink.


  In this competitive world, hotel owners are keen to bring in any new innovation to attract the customers. This can be an innovative idea that can be exchanged with those costly and delicate chandeliers. When this project is installed in the dining table LEDs glow below the plate and glass, this will look great. This type of concept attracts more customers. The project can also be modified to run some welcome music when any special guest enters the hotel.

Party Plots

  In Indian wedding, decorations is very important, every other wedding has some innovation. This lightning near the entrance or drinks counter can help immensely, this lightning responds with the movement of the guests.

Interior Decorators

  House is a thing in which people normally contribute maximum money they have got. People today wants the innovations in a house like the false ceiling, decorative lamps etc. In such scenario, this octolively table kept in the hall can give a great impact on the beauty of a house. This system can be very attractive at the border of a Swimming pool.

Commercial Offices

  Octolively tables can be a very good decoration at the reception of the office. People normally keep a fish tank to catch attraction. Octolively lights can easily replace fish tanks in price and maintenance. Here the security aspect of the system can also be used. Here the GSM modem can also be used to get the SMS alert for trespassing.


  People normally spend around an hour for dining at a restaurant. People don’t like to wait for the food to be served. But if the dining table has interactive, they can spend time exploring it and the wait for food is no more boring.

Jewelers Shops

  Jeweler’s shops spend a lot of money in chandeliers and light decorations, the innovation of octolively lights can easily be the new trend in jeweler’s showrooms. The aspect of lightning from the top can play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the jewels.


  The idea was to make some good product using proximity detection. The system is developed to serve two purposes; one is decorative system while the other is safety system. This system can be installed at almost all places with modifications according to requirement. Such systems will be very common form of decorations and safety in future. The future plan is to market it, manufacture in good number and sell in a good number.

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