• Electrical India
  • Apr 11, 2017

ABB introduces digital switchgear solutions for U.S. microgrid management

 ABB is launching new low-voltage solutions for microgrid management in the United States that make it easier to upgrade any facility’s power network and improve control and connectivity. These new technologies will be on display for the first time at the ABB Customer World event in Houston.

  The integration of Emax 2 air circuit breakers into the ABB ReliaGear line brings new embedded functions, such as automatic transfer switching and fast-load shedding logic, which enable switchgear to manage the different power sources that make up a typical microgrid. These software-based solutions enable ABB ReliaGear to offer advanced protection, programmable logic, full connectivity, easy integration and comprehensive microgrid energy management, all embedded in one space- and time-saving device.

  ABB is also launching of Ekip UP at ABB Customer World 2017, a simple way to extend functionality to any kind of installation where a power circuit breaker is not suitable, or to give older facilities advanced monitoring, protection and control abilities. The plug-and-play, compact and multifunctional unit gives any low-voltage power distribution system standard and advanced microgrid technologies that are available with Emax 2 all-in-one solutions, with reduced impact on the original switchgear installation design. The ABB solution helps maximise uptime and efficiency, increases awareness of resources and process behaviours.