• Electrical India
  • Jan 5, 2017

Interview with Ramesh Kumar N, Vice President Sales and Marketing (India), CG

CG is one of the largest electrical capital equipment manufacturer with an impressive and diverse portfolio of products, solutions and services for Power and Industrial, addressing myriad needs. The multi-product, multi-solution and multiservice company has a very wide business periphery. In an exclusive interview with Electrical India, the company’s Vice President Sales and Marketing (India), Ramesh Kumar N is describing various aspects of their business to PK Chatterjee. Excerpts…

How is the transformation happening in the Energy Sector?

  While India has not been surplus country on energy, based on the government initiative on using alternative sources of energy focus is shifting more on green energy like solar and wind. These sources are widely distributed, clean and produces no gas emissions during operation. Solar energy has become a buzzword in industry in most of the states across India, significant investments are being done on building and utilizing solar energy. At the same time to become surplus as well as to give uninterrupted power to people in their states, most state governments are emphasizing on using energy efficient products to save energy with the support from EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited ) and BEE ( Bureau of Energy Efficiency) marking star rating on various products.

How has CG geared up to cater solutions to the emerging needs of this new (or evolving) Market?

  At CG our endeavor is to produce and supply energy efficient products to market and we have been in the forefront in adopting new technologies to serve the purpose. We are the first in developing entire range of energy efficient IE3 Motors along with all approvals required from the approving bodies. Also, we are at the advanced stage of developing entire range of energy efficient IE4 Motors, most of these products are already marketed by us. While we are product selling company and customer are looking for solutions, we are customizing our products on the application base to help customers select products for their solutions rather than advising customers to use the existing range of products for all types of solutions.

How does CG differ from other Indian multi-product, multi-solution and multiservice companies?

  As I said earlier, CG is the first and fast in adopting new technologies and we believe in 100% in-house manufacturing. All our products are made in our own state-of-the-art plants spread across India. At CG, we have complete testing facility as well. In addition, we also offer all kinds of third party test certificates (yet another unique feature) as compared to our competitors.

  The product basket offered under CG umbrella is largest as compared to any of our competitors. Customers can choose from a wide array of customized products and solutions for various applications. CG is the only company in India to offer Motors from 0.25 KW to 12 MW Motors in various enclosures and voltage class, Generators up to 25 MVA and Drives up to 3 MW.

What are your shares in the Indian market for the major (capital) electrical equipment (Like Motors, Generators and Drives)?

  CG is a clear leader in LV Motors. We produce and supply almost 1 lac machines per month in LV range which is close to double as compared to the second largest manufacturer in India. We are No. 2 in MV Motors with respect to volume and range. Drives, while we are a decade old in Indian market with a small share but we hold a little more than 30% share in European market where we are known with the brand name “Emotron by CG”.

Which sectors or segments are you targeting on in 2017?

  As I said we are clear no. 1, this is possible as we are penetrated to all the sectors. However currently irrigation & pharma is giving us good growth which will be continued in the year ahead. Among core sectors, cement is looking up. In steel small industries like rerolling mills have started investing. We enjoy good share with lots of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who have good projects from overseas which will help us grow faster than market.

What kind of technical innovations are you doing in enhancing quality and reducing costs of your products?

  We believe in in-house manufacturing so as to have a direct control on raw material cost and product quality. “We put all our energy to save yours” is our slogan, more than our cost we focus on making energy efficient products to save our customer’s cost and to provide them a hassle free service.

What kind of post-sales service do you offer in India? How do you manage to do that on pan-India basis?

  We are leveraging after sales services by repair & refurbishment, spares supply, diagnostic services, conditional monitoring and annual maintenance contract.

  In the engineering industry, we are the first to launch call center with toll free number to register customer complaints a decade back, which is successfully being operated even today. Customer PIN code is linked to the nearest service station and our service contractor as well as nearest branch service engineer gets an text massage as soon as customer registers the complaint. Our endeavor is have the FIR (First hand information) within 24 hours and to close the complaint to the best satisfaction of our customer within 72 hours. Our service is backed by more than 350 service stations spread across the country and our toll free no can be accessed from any part of the county.

  Complaint complete dash board is available to our service team and escalation matrix is fed in the system. All pending complaints are escalated by the system automatically. Product complaint analysis and improvement plans are done by quality team at respective plants by downloading data from system based on the complaints and service team fed back fed in the system.

What is your advice to the potential customers?

  While customer is always a king, of late customers expectation are going up drastically and it is their right to demand. However, focus on the initial cost has increased drastically rather than the long term benefits. My advice is to focus on both cost, quality & return on investment using more and more energy efficient products.