• Electrical India
  • Jan 5, 2017

Scientists Develop Super Fast Supercapacitor

Large-scale production of the graphene that would be needed to produce these high-performance supercapacitors can be done by using low-cost solution-based film synthesis techniques and a laser 3D printer…

 Whether it is for heavy duty or for micro level, use of battery is prevalent at almost all situations where power storage or stored power is essential. However, with the conventional storage batteries, there are always some challenges associated.
First of all, batteries take a long time to get charged. Their service life is short. Also, proper disposal of the batteries is a big challenge – as their constituent materials are not environment-friendly. These batteries sometimes pose the risk of explosion too, if not handled properly.

  So, these challenges have compelled scientists to find out a better alternative. We all know that they have created supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, which hold great potential to overcome these challenges. However, still they are at the experimental stage.

  A good news has come from the Swinburne researchers. They have developed a new type of battery, which is nothing but a supercapacitor that charges extremely fast. Literally, the environment-friendly supercapacitor charges within some seconds, and can be used millions of times. Dr Lin presented the new supercapacitor at Fresh Science Victoria 2016 earlier this year.