• Electrical India
  • Nov 5, 2016

Green, Safe & Reliable Control

Partnering with leading inverter manufacturers, DEIF brings revolutionary solutions to the solar sector…

 DEIF has introduced the Automatic Sustainable Controller (ASC), a solution that provides integrated solution for systems with utility, diesel and solar power source. The system provides an interface between the diesel/gas genset and solar, with or without the presence of utility power – a solution that enables you to share the load between solar PV cell and diesel/gas genset with maximum solar penetration, thus resulting in maximised savings even during utility failure.

  DEIF’s solar solution is available for both – as Power Management for systems with multiple sustainable power sources, or as an add-on solution for retrofits or existing plants.

  The ASC supports interface with solar PV inverter from a number of leading manufacturers namely ABB, SMA, Schneider Electric, Gamesa Electric, Fronius, Sungrow, Delta, Huawei and many more...

  Their collaboration with ABB has resulted in a “Declaration of Compatibility” certificate, which states that the ASC is capable of controlling and reading data from the ABB TRIO inverter series and that it can be applied without compromising inverter warranty. Similarly, other inverter manufacturers are in the process of issuing compatibility certificates for the ASC.

  Schneider Electric launched their Conext CL inverter series for the solar market, which includes an interface with the DEIF ASC controller. This solution works with the grid and a diesel genset to form a complete grid management solution.

  Conext CL inverters are designed to respond rapidly to power curtailment commands from controllers enabling integration of PV power in hybrid grids.

  The ASC from DEIF controls PV power from the Conext CL inverters to integrate seamlessly with diesel genset powered loads. The company offers a customization option to add an Automatic Genset Controller AGC -4, to provide a complete plant management solution.

  Fronius International GmbH, another inverter manufacturer’s solar solution with DEIF’s ASC is presented in their product catalogues.

  DEIF is working progressively with many solar inverter companies to help the end customers enjoy a seamless integration of power. The future of the interface between Controller and Solar inverters will be Sun Spec – and DEIF has already prepared its ASC to this protocol of the future.

Green, Safe and Reliable control
– the promise from DEIF...

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