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  • Sep 5, 2016

Thampy Mathew, MD (Process Automation Division), Pepperl+Fuchs (Middle East & India) 

Pepperl+Fuchs (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, which is a well known developer and manufacturer of electronic sensors and interface components for the global automation market. In an e-interview with the team of Electrical India, Thampy Mathew, Managing Director (Process Automation Division) of the company (Middle East & India) is talking on electrical safety awareness in India, the immediate necessities thereon and his company’s offerings to enhance the same. Excerpts…

How is the awareness for electrical safety increasing in the Indian sub-continent?

There has been established and good Electrical Safety Standards in India. However, concerning awareness towards this and more than that, effective implementation and regular audit of facilities to ensure safety are yet to be considered with due diligence by Authorities. As a result, the country still experiences high loss of lives and properties in the event of electrical hazard.

There are several initiatives to create awareness of Electrical Safety Practices and National Standards by the Government and Independent bodies. The regulations should insist on periodic inspection / re-assessing of electrical installations in plants & buildings and encourage skill upgradation through enhanced scope under the framework of certification itself. The culture of ‘safety’ need to be inculcated by law, which will definitely solve the root-cause of majority of the problems connected with Electrical Safety.

Please give us a brief account of the products offered by Pepperl+Fuchs in India?

Pepperl+Fuchs is known by customers around the world as a pioneer and an innovator in electrical explosion protection technology in Process Industries.
We are Global Leaders in Conventional & Field bus Interface Solutions and a brief range of our products. Our solutions are listed below. More details are available in www.pepperl-fuchs.com

Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment / solutions:
• Flame Proof (Exd) Distribution Panels, Lighting Panels & Control Panels
• Flame Proof (Exd) Switch Racks
• Flame Proof (Exd) Motor Starter Panel & Local Starter Panels
• Flame Proof (Exd) Local Control Stations & MOV Isolators
• Flame Proof (Exd) Cast Aluminum Enclosures ,Terminal Boxes & Fuse boxes
• Increased Safety (Exe) Stainless Steel Enclosures and Terminal Boxes
• Increased Safety (Exe) Stainless Steel/GRP Local Control Stations
• Increased Safety (Exe) or General Purpose Fieldbus Junction Boxes
  The above products are available in Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminium (LM4 & LM6) & FRP/ GRP



What’s your observation on the changing demand of the Indian customers?

The Indian customers are noted for their high degree of value orientation. India is a huge market even for costly products, however, the customers are discerning and look for value for money.

Due to this, engineered solutions for critical applications cannot find its right commercial proposition and most of the time compared with normal products, which can de-rail the very purpose of safety related to highly dangerous electrical installations!

In the past, there existed a collaborated approach between solution providers and customers to arrive at the right mix of technology and safety as outlined for various applications in industries, which unfortunately got diluted by e-bidding or consumer-driven psychology.

What makes Pepperl+Fuchs’ products different from those of its competitors?

We are the gear that meshes seamlessly with our customers’ processes, providing creative ideas and accompanying them into the future. Our products and solutions are innovative. They are centered on the customer’s current & future requirements.
Pepperl+Fuchs brand always stands as a differentiator from competitors.

The German engineering and quality consciousness added with Indian skilled labour created the perfect taste of products & solutions required for all Electrical & Automation applications for Industries in India.

Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH had established its wholly owned subsidiary here in 1997, and proved this fact to become No.1 supplier in our area of expertise.

Where do you manufacture your products? Do you have localised manufacturing facility in India?

Pepperl+Fuchs has several manufacturing facilities worldwide including Germany, Singapore, USA, UK and in India. P+F India had been doing value- added solutions like Control Panels, Fieldbus Junction Boxes, Ex-certified Terminal Junction Boxes / Control Stations etc., in their Bangalore facility from 1999.

Last year (2015), Pepperl+Fuchs acquired an exclusive Electrical Explosion Equipment manufacturing company (part of GOVAN – Australia group) in Chennai. There we do Casting & Fabrication of Explosion protection enclosures, and assembly of Electrical Solutions based on Customer requirements.

With all required Global accreditation, this facility also caters to global Pepperl+Fuchs requirements of such Explosion-proof enclosures for Industrial Customers around the world.

How much customisation do you offer to cater to the exact need of a customer?

• Pepperl+Fuchs offers a broad portfolio of Electrical Equipment and Solutions for installation & control of machinery as well as electrical networks in harsh environments and explosion hazardous areas.

• Pepperl+Fuchs India houses a team of 15 design Engineers for customising solutions required as per specific needs. Facilities in India also housed certified Norm-Experts in Hazardous areas, authorised to Audit and Certify Electrical Circuits and Engineering Drawings as per approved standards.

• Various types of protections and enclosures along with a high level of flexibility allow the design of the most efficient control and distribution solutions for any application in industrial environment.

• Experienced project engineers at the Pepperl+Fuchs Solution Engineering Centers – located worldwide – supports the users to find out their specific requirements – and team India converts that to certified electrical solutions ready for installation at their sites.

Indian headquaters

P+F’s Indian headquarters and manufacturing unit in Bengaluru...

What are the industries or sectors that can benefit maximum from your product offerings?

Oil+Gas& Refineries, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Plants, Power Industries, Water+Waste Water & Other Process Industries.

What kind of after-sales service do you offer? How do you do that?

Pepperl+Fuchs maintains a global network of After-Sales Support, since for Pepperl+Fuchs, field support & service are on top of the agenda. Hence, customers can purchase the most innovative, high-quality products and solutions all over the world with ease for their life cycle performance. Furthermore, comprehensive technical documentation is made available besides expert insights and regular trainings and seminars in :
• Control Systems Solutions
• Literature for Explosion Protection
• Technologies for Explosion Protection
• Project Management

manufacturing unit

P+F’s manufacturing unit in Chennai...

What is your advice to the prospective buyers?
Plant safety ensures Human Safety, Asset Management and Profitability. These Critical Management parameters are achieved only through diligent implementation of the ‘right’ Safety Solutions and regular audit and maintenance of its parameters.

Thampy Mathew

Any customer, who wants to achieve the above goals need to essentially partner with the ‘right’ solution provider, who can study plant requirements, offer fitting solutions, implement installations and support the same for its life cycle and ensure Safety of Human and Assets. Pepperl+Fuchs has been such a proud partner to all reputed industries in the country for the last two decades for Automation & Electrical Safety Products / Solutions.

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