• Electrical India
  • Aug 8, 2016

6 Ways To Avoid Accidents Due To Transmission Lines During Monsoon

 Accidents near high voltage transmission towers are not very rare occurrences. Especially, in Indian rural areas, such accidents often are not even reported. More unfortunate events take place during monsoon. More than equipment failure, often it is the human error that causes fatal accidents because of electrocution. However, most of these unwanted incidents can be avoided through following 6 basic principles:

01. Never try to climb the towers. Do not even touch the fences (if those are there) around.
02. Do not throw stones or metal pieces to hit transmission facilities.
03. Always keep away from a falling or fallen wire.
04. Never try to dismantle towers.
05. Do not tie up any string kind of thing to the tower for fixing a banner or drying clothes or otherwise.
06. During monsoon, always keep away from the towers.

  Whenever an electric current passes through a bare metal conductor, the air around is also partially ionized. Thus, even for conducting inspection of a 500 kV (AC) transmission line from helicopter, maintaining a minimum distance of 50 metres is essential. During monsoon or bad weather things are not always predictable. So, common people should always be at least 700 metres away from the 500 kV (AC) transmission line.