• Electrical India
  • Jun 27, 2016

6 Basic Steps to Ensure Safety in Workplaces

 Electrical safety in workplace is always a matter of prime importance. It’s not only a loss of materials, rather than that a little obliviousness among the workers or users may cause fatal injuries. Thus, especially under Indian scenario, where a big lot of factory or plant workers do not have proper knowledge of handling power, special attention is necessary for the management to ensure fail-safe operations.

  National Safety Council of India has recommended 6 basic steps to ensure safety in workplaces, which are although not very expensive procedures but yield a safe work environment. The council recommends:

  • Don’t abuse electrical cords
  • Lock out power before starting maintenance
  • Avoid loose Electrical connections. Prevent Fire
  • Plan measures against accidental contact with overhead power lines
  • Ensure safety systems for transformers
  • Manage stress at workplace & control hazards.