• Electrical India
  • Jul 5, 2016

T P Singh, Country Manager,  Flir Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

How important is it to spot the problem before that puts the activities (in an industrial or commercial or residential environment) in a standstill condition?

Preventive Maintenance using Thermal Imaging Camera may be one of the fundamental activities to keep the substation running without major shutdown problems due to over heating of components. This technology can help in measuring exact temperature of an object from a safe distance without touching or taking a shutdown.

How does the thermal imaging technology work?

Thermal Camera is a complex, very highly technical device, which converts IR radiations to electrical signals. Then these signals get processed by the electronics part of this device that produces the thermal Image of the object seen. The complete process has been explained by way of diagram in the next page. Light is not required at all in this process.

What are the key applications of this technology in electrical sector?

In electrical field, this amazing technology can be used for multiple applications as listed and explained below:–

a. Substation Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance of all connectors
b. Transformers

c. Predictive Maintenance of other Critical Installations include:
i. Inspection of Cables and Joints
ii. Inspection of exposed cables
iii. Visualisation of SF6 leakage
iv. Visualisation of Hydrogen gas leaks in Real time

Could you please give an idea of the range of thermal imagers that Flir offers in India?

We have a complete range of products. Starting from Innovative Clamp meter with IGM to a very sophisticated high resolution camera with more than 7 Lakh pixels. We have more than 50 different products to offer for Electrical Utilities’ applications.

What is the best and cheapest handheld instrument that you offer for smart electricians who offer small-scale service (say) for residential or commercial premises?

We have multiple options to choose from, based upon requirement/application. Models like TG 130, TG 165, C2, CM 174, Ex series, Exx series and T4xx series are available in start and mid segment. The range starts from INR 19,999 plus tax and goes up to INR 18 Lakh for this starting range.

Is there any versatile pocket device that can be used for energy waste, structural defects, plumbing clogs, HVAC issues and other problems?

Yes, our new innovative C2 is available, which can easlily go into pocket and has storage and touch screen facilities.

Could you please tell me about your Research & Development activities?

FLIR has always been in the forefront for many innovations in this industry – including the first Clamp meter with IGM technology, pocket size Thermal Camera and ergonomics. We spend good amount of money every year on R&D – and results have been great products with innovative design and affordable price points.

How do you extend support to your customers?

We have a service setup in Delhi to help customers to get proper after sales support.

What would you like to communicate to your potential buyers?

The main message from my side will be to choose right product for your application. If the object is smaller and distance is longer, a good high resolution Thermal Camera is required for accurate measurement.

The main technical name to choose a product keeping this requirement in mind is IFOV (Instantaneous Field of View). Choosing a wrong or low resolution product may be dangerous as it may not see potential problems – and hence the main purpose behind using time, money and energy on Predictive Maintenance may go waste.