• Electrical India
  • Feb 5, 2016

Using Global Experience

Mitsubishi Electric is developing new technologies and solutions to make power generation, distribution and consumption far more efficient and environmentally friendly

Within the power industry, Mitsubishi Electric is moving on a growing market for small and distributed power plants, which are linked to the renewable power sector. Their full-life-cycle services and high quality technology qualify Mitsubishi Electric as the efficient partner for any power-generation project. Energy From Waste (EFW) plants around the world rely on automated systems from Mitsubishi Electric to optimise performance and ensure maximum levels of efficiency while also achieving rigorous environmental standards for emissions.

     Interest in EFW has never been higher. In many countries a significant percentage of the demand for electricity could be met from EFW generation plants. This would massively reduce the need for waste disposal in landfill sites and would also make a major contribution to recycling targets.

      Mitsubishi Electric has a long history of supplying turnkey Electrical, Instrumentation and Control (EI&C) projects to power generation plant operators across all continents of the world. This includes cutting edge technology, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
     As well as in traditional power plants, Mitsubishi Electric has supported Energy from Waste (EFW), biomass and other new and emerging solutions. Within its experience, there are biogas-based generation at waste water facilities, electricity generation from steam turbines and district heating.

     At the SPS IPC Drives 2015 Fair, Mitsubishi was showcasing several innovative solutions for the EFW industry, including the PMSX micro, a control system developed specifically for smaller plants, and the Virtual Power Plant that uses cutting edge control technologies to create a stable energy network by automatically managing multiple renewable power plants to work together and meet real-time energy needs.

     PMSX micro is designed specifically for smaller scale applications. It runs on a single industrial computer and delivers proven control technology in an inexpensive and easily engineered package. Its integrated alarm and event system allows rapid responses to unexpected events and also records events and messages securely in sequence, allowing process flows to be traced in the event of problems or changes to the plant. Built-in maintenance functions and a range of analysis options help operators interpret process data and improve plant performance.

     The Virtual Power Plant has been developed to meet the emerging need to integrate numbers of small green or renewable generation sites, such as solar, wind, wave, energy from waste, biogas, etc. While such sites can make a valuable contribution to the overall energy requirement, some tend to be non-constant in their operation. The Virtual Power Plant can monitor real time demand for power and co-ordinate the output of the generating sites to which it is networked to meet the demand at any point in time.

     The powerful and flexible Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite (MAPS), also being demonstrated at the show, was a life-cycle software tool that maximises values along the whole value chain. It is a single integration package that takes users through all the stages of a power plant project from the initial process, engineering and control system design stages, through the installation, commissioning and acceptance testing stages, to operations and regular maintenance and then later upgrades and redevelopment projects.

     Mitsubishi Electric has recognised that energy costs will continue to rise over the coming decades and that climate-related taxes will grow ever more burdensome as governments across the world strive to incentivise industry to reduce emissions. This has brought the issues of energy management and emissions reduction to the fore, not only in the generation industries, but across all sectors.

     While this is currently affecting energy intensive industries the most, it is inevitable that all businesses will have to periodically reassess their energy usage and energy management strategies. Therefore Mitsubishi Electric is developing new technologies and solutions to make power generation, distribution and consumption far more efficient and environmentally friendly.