• Smart Transient Free Switching of Switchgears

    Smart Transient Free Switching of Switchgears

    In this article a basic duty of a “Controlled Switching Device” in back to back switching of a shunt capacitor banks has been explained. The Transients developed are very high in nature and are very injurious to the circuit breaker used for this duty. A case study, highlighting the need for implementing such device for back to back switching of shunt capacitor banks is also described...

  • Capacity Sufficient, Demand Deficient

    Capacity Sufficient, Demand Deficient

    Ind-Ra has maintained a Stable Outlook on most of its rated power sector entities for FY18, as the agency expects its rated entities will continue to manage fuel and state power utility risks due to a favourable tariff mechanism, a comfortable liquidity position and support from central and state governments…

  • Online Partial Discharge Measurements on Power Cables

    Online Partial Discharge Measurements on Power Cables

    Partial discharges (PD) are in general a consequence of local electrical stress concentrations in the insulation or on the surface of the insulation. Corona is a form of partial discharge that occurs in gaseous media around conductors which are remote from solid or liquid insulation…

  • CABLE Power Carrier

    CABLE Power Carrier

    Cables are integral part of every technology and engineering field. Frequent research and development is required to compete with the fast growing infrastructure of other countries by improving the ratings and durability of cables so as to open new applications.

  • Underground Cables

    Underground Cables

    Underground cables offer an affordable and justifiable solution for critical parts and in some cases the entire length of overhead high voltage power lines. With appropriate technology used in appropriate places, the environment impact of underground cables can be minimised…

  • Task-Oriented Luminaires

    Task-Oriented Luminaires

    Task oriented lighting systems are used when some task requires substantially more light than others do. A Higher level of task illumination may be provided by asymmetrical luminaire layouts that concentrate luminaires at the task. Special purpose Luminaires are used for task-oriented illumination. They are also used to provide a higher level of luminance for difficult visual tasks...

  • Energy Efficient LED Driver Concept

    Energy Efficient LED Driver Concept

    The purpose of making this project is to make a product that takes the usual decorations and safety to a different level. This is a project where the output responds immediately to the proximity of any object or person. There are two sides of the project one is decoration while other is safety. In decoration, an array of LEDs responds to proximity of any object. While in safety, there is an alarm that rings when an unauthorized person enters the restricted area. The project can be modified and made according to the requirement of the consumer and environment...

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